Gold dressing agent , leaching cip cil chemical cyanide medicine

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Gold dressing agent

Environmental Friendly Gold dressing Agent is the replacement product of Sodium Cyanide (chemical cyanide) .
The agent has the advantages of high leaching efficiency, fast leaching speed, environmental protection and non-toxicity, easy transportation, strong adaptability, and low cost of use.
gold dressing agent , leaching  agent
Gold dressing agent for sale

Gold dressing agent application

1)Mainly application:Heap leaching, pool leaching, carbon slurry processCIP, CIL of all kinds of gold ore ,for more process, click Gold ore processing machine
2) More application: gold, silver ore, cyanide tailings, roasted gold concentrate, sulfuric acid slag, lead-zinc slag, anode mud and other gold-bearing materials;
2.Product form: powder or granular

Gold dressing agent features

1. Low toxicity and environmental protection
have been tested and identified by the "Industry Research Institute Testing Center". The products are non-flammable, non-explosive, non-oxidizing, non-radioactive, and low-toxic. It is a common chemical product, which is environmentally friendly and safe.
2. High leaching efficiency
It has strong complexing ability, can effectively leaching gold and silver from ore, and has high leaching rate. Comparative test effect with sodium cyanide (raw ore gold grade 4.6g/t, oxide ore)
3. Fast leaching speed
Shorter leaching cycle than using sodium cyanide (15-30% shorter leaching time) and faster recovery.
4. Strong anti-interference ability
The product has stable performance and strong anti-interference ability, and the ore contains a small amount of arsenic As, sulfur S and other harmful substances, which does not affect the leaching effect.
5. Easy to use
The product is easily soluble in water, and the use method is basically the same as that of sodium cyanide, which is convenient for preparation and use.
6. Strong adaptability
It is suitable for the production of heap leaching, pool leaching and carbon slurry technology of oxidized gold mine, and the scale can be large or small.
7. Lower cost of use
Due to the safety and environmental protection of the product, it can effectively reduce the high cost of procurement, transportation, warehousing, storage, use, safety and environmental protection facilities caused by the use of sodium cyanide.
gold dressing agent , leaching  agent
Gold dressing agent for sale

Gold dressing agent instructions for use

Product form: white powdery solid
Dosage: 100-1500 g/ton of ore.
Stacking process:
Prepare a solution with a mass concentration of 0.03-0.1% with clean water for spraying;
Stirring leaching process:
It can be configured to be added as a solution of 10%-15%, or directly added to the stirring tank in the form of solid.High recovery rate

How to use gold dressing agent (operation manual )?

1) First, adjust the alkalinity of the ore heap or pulp with lime or other alkali, and adjust the pH value to 11-12;
2) During heap leaching or pool leaching, according to the optimal leaching concentration determined by the test, prepare a certain concentration of gold extraction agent solution for spraying or soaking.
3) When stirring and leaching, the leaching is carried out according to the conditions of the optimum pulp concentration, gold leaching agent concentration, leaching time and other conditions determined by the test;
4) During the leaching process, the concentration of the gold leaching agent should be measured regularly, and when the concentration decreases, the gold leaching agent should be added in time.
5) Since the composition and pH of different ores are different, the optimal concentration of the agent should be obtained according to the actual amount of ore and the ore sample experiment, and the gold leaching agent should be added in proportion. The concentration of gold leaching agent can be detected according to the method provided by our company.
Gold dressing agent |  leaching cip cil chemical cyanide
Gold leaching dressing agent 

How to  transport and storage gold dessing agent?

1) The product is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-oxidant, non-radioactive, non-radioactive and non-hazardous in transportation, and can be transported by road, rail, sea and air.
2), the product is easy to absorb moisture, it should be moisture-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, sealed, and stored in a cool and dry place in an airtight package.
3) The product should be stored in isolation, and it is strictly forbidden to store it in combination with other chemicals and edible items; to prevent accidental ingestion by humans and animals.
4) Establish and improve the safety production and use system of this product in accordance with relevant national regulations.
Gold leaching dressing agent
This product can completely take the place of sodium cyanide in the heap leaching and heap filtering process of micro-series gold oxidized ore!
3. Dissolution method: Stir fully with water at room temperature and use it after it is completely dissolved;
4. Adjust alkalinity: generally use lime or caustic soda to adjust and maintain the PH value of 11.5;
5. Calculate the dispensing:
①The dosage of the drug can be referenced to the dosage of sodium cyanide, and it is recommended to conduct a beneficiation test to determine the best use conditions. (For example, gold oxide ore of about 1-2g/t is common, and the concentration of this product is generally maintained at 0.3-0.8‰, and adjusted appropriately according to different ore grades and impurity content);
②Calculation method of dosing amount: Tonic amount = (optimum concentration value-current measured concentration value) × water volume in the dosing pond; suppose the optimal concentration value of the beneficiation agent is 1.5‰ (calculated by the amount of water), and the concentration of backwater is 0.6‰. If the lean liquid pool is 500 cubic meters of water, the amount of beneficiation agent tonic: (1.5-0.6)×500=450 kg.
6. Product use process: completely consistent with the conventional cyanidation process
Gold leaching cyanide agent using in the site
Gold leaching 
cyanide agent using in the site
7. Other matters:
1. The best effect is to use this product when the temperature is above 15℃;
2. Due to the fast gold leaching speed, it is recommended to regularly check the content of expensive and poor solution, PH value and concentration of beneficiation agent;
3. Strong oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are not recommended to be mixed with this product (can be used for pretreatment) to prevent the consumption of part of the beneficiation agent;
4. The use of ammonia, sodium sulfide, potassium ferricyanide, lead nitrate and other auxiliary drugs in the pretreatment of complex ore does not reject this product for leaching gold;
Gold dressing agent , Non cyanide ore leaching chemical agent for sale
5. A small amount of black slag after dissolution does not affect the leaching effect;
6. The simultaneous use of this product and sodium cyanide is not exclusive;
7. Gold leaching by carbon slurry method, and the "oxygen-enriched leaching" process has an adverse effect on this product.
Second, the concentration detection method in the leaching solution
1. Equipment required: 1 brown volumetric flask of 1000 ml, 1 brown dropper of 100 ml, 1 beaker of 100 ml, 1 brown burette of 25 ml, 1 pipette of 10 ml fat belly, and 1 suction ball; 100ml acetone solution, 1000ml distilled water.
2. Reagent preparation: (preserved in brown glass bottles, avoid heat and light);
①Indicator: After dissolving a whole bottle of sample A (red) reagent with 100 ml of acetone, transfer it to a 100 ml brown dropper bottle to protect it from light, and store it in a sealed container for later use;
②Test reagent: After dissolving a whole bottle of sample B (white) reagent with about 100ml of distilled water, transfer it all into a 1000ml brown brown volumetric flask, then add distilled water to make the volume to 1000ml, shake well, avoid light, and store it tightly. use.
Gold dressing agent ,Non cyanide ore leaching chemical agent for sale
3. Operation steps:
1) Use a 10ml pipette to accurately draw 10ml of the solution to be tested into a 100ml Erlenmeyer flask, drop 5 drops of indicator, and shake well (it appears yellow);
2) Use a pipette to suck 10ml of the test agent for titration; while titrating, shake it well and observe the color change of the solution until the end of the solution turns from yellow to light red, and read the consumption of the dropped test agent V (ml);
3) Result calculation: the concentration of this product (‰)≈0.4 x V (for example, if the test agent consumed is 0.5 ml, the concentration of the beneficiation agent in the solution to be tested is 0.2‰, that is, 0.2 parts per thousand).
3. Product transportation and storage methods:
Gold dressing agent ,Non cyanide ore leaching chemical agent for sale
1. This product has been appraised by the relevant national authority and is classified as ordinary cargo. It is non-explosive, non-oxidant, non-flammable, non-radioactive, and can be safely transported by road, railway, sea, and air. product;
2. Strictly abide by the relevant national chemical transportation and storage system;
3. The product is hygroscopic and should be kept in a cool and dry place, sealed and packaged. Pay attention to moisture and moisture, and avoid direct oral inhalation by humans and animals;
4.Mixing with acid chemicals and edible chemicals is strictly prohibited.

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