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Condition:New  Origin:Henan, China

Capacity:0.5 - 20 ton per hour per set
Final water content:10±5% or as customer requirement
Used for: Wood sawdust, wood chips, shavings, corn stalks, corn cob, wood chips, cotton stalks, wheat stalks, sorghum stalks, wood chips, shavings, sawdust, ginkgo leaves, mulberry leaves, etc.

Sawdust application:Biomass energy, straw briquetting fuel, charcoal machinery, wood pellet fuel, etc.

Case of wood sawdust dryer

3 ton per hour wood sawdust dryer , sawdust rotary dryer
3 ton per hour wood sawdust dryer site

Introducion of sawdust dryer

Sawdust dryer also called sawdust rotary dryer , refers to the powder and granular wet sawdust, which is continuously fed into the dryer by a screw conveyor or a belt conveyor. In the transportation and dispersion of high-speed hot air, the moisture in the wet material is evaporated to obtain powder or granular products.

Key point

In the center of rotary dryer, it can be avoided to add a breaking mechanism. 
The wet material in the rotary dryer is repeatedly picked up and dropped,by the copy board on the drum wall, and it is broken into fine particles. 
The specific area is greatly increased, and it is fully contacted with hot air and dried.

Work process

The sawdust dryer is mainly composed of air heater, feeder, airflow drying tube, cyclone separator, fan, etc.
The sawdust is fully dried in the rotating drum, and the sawdust is fully dispersed again before entering the material conveying pipe, so that the water evaporates quickly, and the block can block the impurities in the sawdust to ensure the quality of the sawdust entering the material conveying pipe.
The sawdust enters the dryer, the material is boiled and fluidized in the cylinder, and the hot air is fully contacted with the material to complete the drying.

Application of sawdust rotary dryer

Wood sawdust, wood chips, shavings, corn stalks, corn cob, wood chips, cotton stalks, wheat stalks, sorghum stalks, wood chips, shavings, sawdust, ginkgo leaves, mulberry leaves, etc.
China sawdust rotary dryer for sale
2tph sawdust rotary dryer for sale
sawdust China rotary dryer
2tph sawdust rotary dryer for sale

Parameter of the Sawdust dryer

Model Diameter(mm) Length(m) Slope(°) Speed(rpm) Weight(t) Power(kw) Volume(m³)
Ф0.8×10 Ф800 10 3-5 7.2 6.9 4 5.02
Ф1.0×10 Ф1000 10 3-5 6.73 7.5 5.5 7.85
Ф1.2×12 Ф1200 12 3-5 5.8 13.1 11 13.31
Ф1.5×12 Ф1500 12 3-5 4.8 22.3 15 21.2
Ф1.8×14 Ф1800 14 3-5 3.2 45.8 30 48.22
Ф2.2×18 Ф2200 18 3-5 3 50.3 37 70.43
Ф2.4×20 Ф2400 20 3-5 2.83 78.4 45 90.43
Ф2.8×24 Ф2800 24 3-5 2.59 97 75 147.8
Ф3.0×20 Ф3000 20 3-5 2.6 102 55 141.3
Ф3.0×25 Ф3000 25 3-5 2.6 110 75 176.7

How to make sawdust

1. Make the wood into chips, by wood chip machine ;
2. Make the wood chips into wood sawdust , by wood sawdust machine
3. Dry the sawdust into the into standard sawdust.

Advantages of sawdust dryer

Dryer has large processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost
The dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can use high temperature hot air to quickly dry the material
Strong scalability, the design considers the production margin, even if the output increases slightly, there is no need to replace the equipment
The equipment adopts a self-aligning tug structure, and the tug and the rolling ring cooperate well, which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption.
The specially designed retaining wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the tilting work of the equipment
It has strong anti-overload capability, stable operation of the cylinder and high reliability.

Sawdust application

1. Sawdust can be used as fuel after processing: wood pellet machine, which makes sawdust into various granules, which are widely used in various fuel demand industries.
2. Sawdust can be used in agriculture: the material can be used as flower cultivation, it has comprehensive nutrition, loose texture, water retention and ventilation, clean and hygienic.
3. Sawdust can be used as a dressing substrate for rhododendron, kumquat, camellia, sweet-scented osmanthus and other flowers and trees.
4. Sawdust is used in the furniture industry. Many furniture boards are artificially made with good texture and texture. Common plywood, particle board, sawdust board, compressed board, etc. are all used sawdust.

Working principle of sawdust dryer

The machine is mainly composed of rotating body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring and other components.
The dryer is a cylinder that is slightly inclined to the horizontal direction.
The material is added from the higher end, and the high-temperature hot flue gas and the material flow into the cylinder.
With the rotation of the cylinder, the material runs to the lower end due to the action of gravity. one end.
A copy board is installed on the inner wall of the cylinder to pick up and sprinkle the material, so that the contact surface between the material and the air flow increases, so as to improve the drying rate and promote the material to move forward.
The dried product is collected from the lower part of the bottom end.

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