China copper waste wire Stripping recycling machine copper cables recycle line


Origin:Henan, China

Capacity:100-1000 kg/h
Power:34-95 kw
Used for:For all kinds of wire and cable, household appliance wire, communication wire, computer wire and other waste wires that are not suitable for processing by wire stripping machines, large and small wires can be broken at the same time without sorting, so as to realize the dry separation and recycling of various scrap metal and plastics.

Copper wire recycling machine is divided into dry copper rice machine and wet copper rice machine. The copper rice machine is mainly a machine that separates copper and plastic due to the crushing of waste copper wires. Because the separated copper is like rice grains, it is named copper rice machine.

Structure and composition
Copper waste wires cables processing machine is mainly composed of five parts: crusher, conveyor, dust collector, fan, and sorting machine.
Copper wire recycling machine
Copper wire recycling machine
Copper wire recycling machine
Copper wire recycling machine

Working principle
Copper wire recycling machine
1.Under the action of wind, the two kinds of materials with different densities are deflected by the amplitude movement on the screen surface with a certain angle, so that the dense copper wire is advancing against the copper outlet of the screen surface, and the low-density plastic skin floats on the copper.
2.The top of the silk flows to the leather outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of separating copper and plastic.
3.The clean rate of separation is proportional to the diameter of a single copper wire.
4.The thicker the diameter of a single copper wire is separated from the plastic, the greater the output per unit time, and the thinner the diameter of a single copper wire is separated from the plastic. difference.

Parameter of the Copper wire recycling machine

Copper wire recycling machine
Process flow
1.Copper rice machine (waste wire and cable processing equipment): The shredder is used to break the material into about 3cm in length, and then it is cut and crushed by the second crusher, and then separated by high-precision airflow sorting to obtain plastic and copper , The undivided plastics are then sorted by the electrostatic sorter to ensure the recycling rate of copper.
2.The equipment has a new and unique structure, large production volume and low power consumption.
3.The sorting rate is high, and the material is fed once and multiple machines are coordinated to complete.
4.The whole line is controlled by PLC, which is at a good level in China.
5.The successful development of the machine not only solves the problems in the method of incineration and extraction of copper, but also improves the quality of recycled copper, and can reuse plastics while avoiding environmental pollution problems.

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