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Origin:Henan, China

Pressure:8 ton - 100ton, 80 ton - 300 ton
Type:Vertical type and Horizontal type
Used for:Waste paper, cardboard boxes, old newspapers, cans, plastic bottles, metal scraps, scraps, straws, textiles, paint buckets, animal hair, wood chips, etc.

Paper baling press machine

Waste paper baler, also called waste paper briquetting machine,old paper baling machine is used to compress and pack all light foam, loose materials and other soft materials such as waste, discarded cardboard, cartons, old newspapers, documents, etc.
When the material is pressed to a specific density, the threading mechanism will automatically thread the material and push the bundle out of the baler.
Paper baler greatly reduces the volume, increases the density, and facilitates transportation and storage.
Case Effect - China Paper baling press machine  package baler briquette block


It is used to press all kinds of cartons, cardboard, waste newspapers, straw, wheat straw, paper edge, wood pulp and various wastes, soft fibers, as well as clothing, plastics and metals in animal husbandry, printing, textile, paper and other industries. Block packing.
Compression chamber size and block size can be customized according to customer requirements


According to the actual use, it is divided into vertical balers and horizontal balers
China vertical paper baler and horizontal paper baling machine

Parameter of the Paper baling press machine

Horizontal baler parameter

Horizontal Power(kw) Pressure Oil Cylinder Block Dimension(mm) Block weight Over all Dimension(mm)
80ton 18.5 80 ton 185 1200*1100*850 300-400 6000*1100*2300
100ton 18.5 100 ton 200 1200*1100*850 400-500 6000*1100*2300
120ton 22 120 ton 230 1400*1100*850 600-700 6700*1300*2300
140ton 22 140 ton 250 1400*1100*850 700-800 6700*1300*2300
160ton 37 160 ton 300 1800*1100*1250 1000-1300 9200*1300*3100
180ton 37 180 ton 325 1800*1100*1250 1100-1300 9400*1500*3100
200ton 45 200 ton 360 1800*1100*1250 1100-1300 9400*1500*4300

Vertical baler parameter

Vertical Power(kw) Pressure Block Dimension(mm) Bar type Dimension(mm) Block number
8 ton 4 8 ton 600*400*600 single bar 1250*650*2150 4 - 6 blocks per hour
10 ton  7.5 10ton 800*400*800 single bar 1450*650*2600
20 ton 7.5 20ton 800*400*800  single bar 1450*650*2700
30 ton 11 30ton 1000*600*800  single bar 1650*850*2750
30 ton 11 30ton 1000*600*800  double bar 1650*850*2700
40 ton 11 40ton 1000*600*800  double bar 1650*850*2750
60 ton 15 60ton 1200*800*1000  double bar 1600*2100*3100
80 ton  18.5 80ton 1200*800*1000 double bar 1700*2100*3300
100 ton 22 100ton 1200*800*1000  double bar 1700*2100*3900
120 ton 22 120ton 1100*700   1400*2000*4200


Horizontal paper baler Structure baling machine Structure
Horizontal paper baler Structure
Horizontal Paper baling press machine consist of Oil tank, oil cylinder, motor + oil pump, frame, rail steel compression bin, feed inlet, auxiliary oil tank, side door, oil pipeline etc.
Vertical paper baler Structure baling machine Structure
Vertical paper baler Structure


Horizontal Paper baling press machine
China Horizontal Paper baling press machine
The horizontal baler consists of a frame, a hydraulic system, an electric control system, and a feeding system.
1. All models are hydraulically driven.
2. There are different ways of discharging, such as turning the bag, pushing the bag (side push and forward push) or manually picking up the bag (packing).
3. No foot screws are required for installation. In places without power supply, diesel engine can be used as power.
4. There are 20 grades of extrusion force from 10 tons to 300 tons for users to choose.
5. The size of the compression chamber and the size of the block can be customized according to customer requirements.
6. The spherical structure is used between the pushing cylinder and the pushing head, which has good reliability and long service life of the oil seal.
7. The feeding port is widened and enlarged, and the filling is more convenient and fast.
8. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure.
9. Easy to install, no foundation required.
Vertical Paper baling press machine
China Vertical Paper baling press machine
High pressure cylinder: high temperature resistance. The chrome-plated oil cylinder does not leak pressure, does not leak oil, and is stable and durable
Hydraulic cylinder: high speed, high speed oil delivery, high efficiency
Upgrade the fuselage: The box frame upgrade design, can add more materials and improve work efficiency
Reinforced and heavy pressure plate: the spaced pressure plate is used for three-dimensional pressure bearing, and the packing is strong
Wire tray for storage: convenient for packing after compression, effectively saving space
High-pressure plunger pump: The inlet and outlet parts of the pump are made of cast iron, the pump body is non-corrosive, and the hydraulic oily medium is anti-wear.
Hydraulic power clamping: There is a hydraulic power clamping clamp at each outlet on both sides, which has strong power and can easily adjust the size of the clamping opening according to different materials.

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