Copper ore processing plant machine gravity flotation benefication concentrator line


Origin:Henan, China

Capacity:0.2-500 Ton/h
Method:Flotation, gravity , or magnetic plant 
Used for: widely used in all kinds of copper mine,copper mixed with gold, copper zinc lead associated ore, copper cobalt ore , oxide ore, sulfide ore.etc...

1.Copper processing machine:
1.1Gravity plant machine: 
Copper ore gravity  beneficiation plant machine: consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, shaking table, jigger, trommel screenCentrifugal concentrator , wet pan millSpiral chute and other major equipment to form a complete Separation process. 
Copper processing machine
1.2Flotation plant machine:
Copper ore flotation  beneficiation plant machine: consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener, dryer and other major equipment, together with feeders, elevators, and conveyors to form a complete Separation process. 
Copper processing machine
2.Processing methods for different copper ore
Copper ore on the earth mainly includes natural copper, sulfide ore, and oxide ore. Sulfide ore can be subdivided into chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, etc.; oxide ore can be divided into azurite, cuprite, malachite, etc. According to the different types of ore, different beneficiation processes are selected.
2.1 Oxide copper ore : gravity plant
Gravity beneficiation : according to the difference of mineral density.
Copper processing machine
2.2 Sulfide copper ore : flotaion plant
According to the difference of the physical and chemical properties of the mineral surface, after the flotation agent treatment, the minerals are selectively attached to the bubbles to achieve the purpose of separation.
The mined ore is firstly crushed by a jaw crusher, and after being crushed to a reasonable fineness, it is evenly sent to the ball mill through a hoist and a miner, and the ore is crushed and ground by the ball mill. The ore fines ground by the ball mill enter the next process: classification.
The spiral classifier cleans and classifies the ore mixture based on the principle that the solid particles have different specific gravity and different precipitation speeds in the liquid.
When the washed and graded mineral mixture passes through the magnetic separator, the magnetic materials in the mixture are separated by magnetic and mechanical force due to the different specific magnetic susceptibility coefficients of various minerals.
After the initial separation of the magnetic separator, the mineral particles are sent to the flotation machine, and different drugs are added according to the characteristics of different minerals, so that the desired minerals are separated from other substances.
After the required minerals are separated, because they contain a lot of water, they must be initially concentrated by a thickener, and then dried by a dryer to obtain dry minerals.
Copper processing machine

Parameter of the Copper ore processing plant

Copper flotation processing machine : ( Take as a reference)
500 ton per day copper processing machine:
Equipment Specification QTY Power
Jaw Crusher PEF 500x750 1 55
Fine Jaw Crusher PEX 250x1200 2 45
Swaying feeder BK600x600 1 1.5
Copper ball mill MQY 2400X3600 1 280
Spiral classifier FLG-2000 1 18.5+3
Agitation tank XB 2000x2000 1 5.5
Flotation machine BF-4 24 15X24
Belt conveyor B500 / /

Copper mining flotation processing plant machine
Copper ore flotation processing plant machine - staurk
Copper flotation processing plant
Application : 
for Sulfide copper mining , not for Oxide copper mining
Step1: crushing stage
This stage for crushing the stone tin into small parts, for ball mill,including PE jaw crusher as primary crusher , and fine jaw crusher or cone crusher as secondary crusher.
This stage can crush the copper mining into size below 25mm, the smaller the better.
Step2: Grinding stage
This is stage grinding the copper material into small powder, usually by 
ball mill , to get an even fine powder ,before next stage.
Usually this stage is most expensive with ball mill.
Step3: Sepetation stage
After ball mill, the material will be sent to mining mixing tank and then to many sets of flotation machine to separate the copper mining, this will get what we want.
Step4: Tailings stage
This is stage usually for processing tin tailings with the reason of environmental protection. usually use detawateing screen machineHydrocyclone , Mining thickener etc.

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