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Diameter: 500mm - 4000mm
Height:500mm - 4000mm

Power:1.1 - 22 kw
Used for: stirring all kinds of metal ores, and other non-metallic minerals , for mixing in various chemical industries. 

We are the Agitation tank factory

China staurk machinery manufactures various mixing tanks , including: 
mining mixing tank, high-concentration mixing tank
gold leaching tank, lifting mixing tank, 
high-efficiency mixing tank, pharmaceutical mixing tank, 
mortar mixing tank, cone-bottom mixing tank, 
pickling tank, flocculants mixing tank, etc.
Ming mixing tank mineral slurry mixer China
Ming mixing tank mineral slurry mixer for sale
Can be customized according to customer needs.
China Ming mixing tank Structure

Agitation tank application :

The mixing tank is suitable for beneficiation and can also be used for mixing in various chemical industries. 
It can be used for all kinds of metal ores, and can also be used for stirring other non-metallic minerals. 
It is mainly used for stirring before flotation, so that the agent and the pulp are fully mixed.

Agitation tank structure :

It is mainly composed of machine base, motor, pulley, vertical shaft, tank body, stirring impeller, bearing body, transmission device, etc.
China Ming mixing tank StructureStructure of mining mixer

Parameter of the Ming agitation tank

1.mining mixing tank
XB model mixing tank,XB1000,xb2000 etc.
Parameter of China mining mixing tank
2.Parameter of high-concentration mixing tank
GBJ model high-concentration mixing tank,GBJ1000,GBJ1500,GBJ3000 etc.
Parameter of China high-concentration mixing tank
3.Parameter of lifting mixing tank
BJW model lifting mixing tank,BJW 500X600,BJW750,BJW1000 etc.
Parameter of China lifting mixing tank
4.Parameter of pharmaceutical mixing tank
XBT model pharmaceutical mixing tank,XBT 1000,XBT 1500,XBT 3000 etc.
Parameter of pharmaceutical mixing tank
5.Parameter of cone-bottom mixing tank
RJZ model cone-bottom mixing tank ,RJZ1000,RJZ1250,RJZ1600,RJZ2000 etc.
cone-bottom mixing tank
6.Parameter of pickling tank
BJS model pickling tank mixing tank,BJS1000,BJS1250,BJS1300 etc.
Parameter of pickling tank mixing tank
7.Parameter of flocculant mixing tank
XBJ model  flocculant mixing tank,XBJ1000 X 1750,XBJ1500,XBJ2000 etc.
Parameter of flocculant mixing tank

Agitation tank working principle :

When working, the motor, the pulley, and the power are transmitted to make the stirring impeller at the lower end of the vertical shaft rotate, and then add water, add chemicals, add materials, and stir.
This machine is a necessary equipment for the rotation of the impeller driven by the motor V-belt to fully mix the medicine and the pulp evenly, to increase the reaction time of the medicine and to strengthen the quality of the medicine reaction.
Its form is a flat-bottomed barrel-shaped radial circulation spiral impeller mechanical stirring type.

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