Gold leaching tank : Agitation process extraction mining by China

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Effective volume: 1-400 m³(cubic meter)
Other name:gold leaching agitation tank , double impeller leaching mixing tank
Used for:  gold mining extraction in gold leaching plant

We produce all kinds of mining tank , suh as leaching tank , Mining mixing tank , High concentration mixing tank , lift mixing tank etc
Gold Leaching tank, also called gold agitation tank,Double impeller leaching mixing tank, gold leaching agitation tank etc.Used for: gold mining extraction in gold leaching plant.
Usage condition: 
90% mining size < 200 mesh
ore pulp density ( concentration )<45%
Effective volume: 1-400 m³(cubic meter)
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Parameter of the Gold leaching tank

China gold leaching tank ParameterChina gold leaching tank Parameter
Double layer impeller, uniform mixing and low energy consumption;
The impeller is coated with rubber and has a long service life;
Multi-point air supply is adopted to evenly inflate;
The air enters the tank and is stirred by the blades to disperse evenly, small bubble;
The pulp concentration and fineness distribution in the tank are consistent, which can improve the leaching rate and carbon adsorption rate
Reasonable structure , convenient maintenance

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