How to install 6s shaking table ? pics free guide download gold shaker table

2022-06-25      staurk machinery

Install shaker table step 1 :

install shaking table step 1 gold shaker table
Adjust the base to make it flat , the bed surface is horizontal without tilting

step 2 :

install shaking table step 2 gold shaker table
The height difference between the 
transmission end and the discharge end 
is less than 1.5cm

step 3 :

install shaking table step 3 gold shaker table
The shaker uses a 1.1 kW three-phase motor;
The circulating water pump can use 0.37 kW, 3 cubic meters per hour, and the head is 30 meters

step 4 :

install shaking table step 4 gold shaker table
Install 10 faucets as shown
Two faucets are installed at the feeding end

step 5 :

install shaking table step 5 gold shaker table
Add flushing nozzle at the discharge,
to flush the bed surface

step 6 :

install shaking table step 6 gold shaker table
Water will flow out from 
both sides of shaker table
please pay attention to receiving

step 7 :

install shaking table step 7 gold shaker table
If a sink is installed, pay attention to 
the installation height 
do not touch the lower edge of the bed
The recommended sink width is 160mm

step 8 :

install shaking table step 8 gold shaker table
The water tank should extend beyond the
 bed surface at the transmission end, 
and there will be water overflow when the 
equipment is running

step 9 :

install shaking table step 9 gold shaker table
Keep the bed flat
do not place heavy objects
Protect the groove of the bed
keep it moist

The end of shaking table installation step 10 :

install shaking table step 10 gold shaker table
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