Roll Roller crusher operation manual install mantain guide,replace roller skin

2022-11-06      staurk machinery

As roll crusher / roller crusher manufacturer , we will introduce its operation manual: to install  roller crusher to test roll crusher to opreate roller crusher
4.maintenance of roller crusher to replace the roller skin

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working principle of roll crusher

1)Refer to the foundation drawings and foundation construction drawings, and install the machine on a specially designed basis.

2)In order to better withstand the uneven force generated by the machine when it is working, the bottom frame can be fitted with the sleeper strip, and the discharge position can be reserved.

3) After the machine is installed and the level is found, then the transmission part is installed according to the drawing

4)The drive belt should be adjusted to the proper position for tightness.

5)The pressure spring must be adjusted to the proper position.

6)Strictly check that there is no looseness in the solid parts.

7)This machine is supplied in a complete assembled form, but it is necessary to carefully check whether the machine is damaged during transportation or during long-term storage, and whether the sliding parts and rust are corroded, and the installation can be carried out after confirming that the machine is intact.


Test operation of the machine:
After the machine is installed, it must be tested before it is officially put into production.

1)Idling test:
 The machine must be continuously idling for no less than 2 hours at the site of use. The temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 30 degrees during operation, and the maximum temperature rise shall not exceed 40 degrees. Gears, long gears, V-belt pulleys and rollers Part of the rotation is balanced, there is no abnormal noise, and there is no collision between the two rollers.

2) Load test:
The load running test can only be carried out on the basis that the empty running test has achieved good results, and the load test time shall not be less than 8 hours of continuous operation.

Determine whether the actual discharge particle size and output meet the requirements, and ensure that the bearing temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. All lubricating points must be filled with lubricating grease, the seal is good, and there is no leakage.

If it is found that the output or particle size does not meet the requirements during operation, it can be adjusted by adjusting the bolt at the rear end of the movable device. If the current fluctuation is found to be unstable during operation, it should be checked whether the feeding particle size meets the requirements. After the load test is normal, it can be put into operation. use.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the machine for a long time, special attention should be paid to the correct operation of the machine, as well as daily maintenance and regular maintenance.

(1)Preparations before run: 
The machine must be fully prepared and strictly inspected before the normal operation.
And then start.
The machine itself requires that all parts must be intact, and all fixing bolts and anchor nuts should be firmly tightened , the machine accessories must not have things and sundries that hinder the operation.

(2)The sequence of start and stop
After the above preparations and inspections,fully meet the requirements,
 the crusher can be started, 
 after the speed of the machine is normal.
Feed material  into the machine
 The feeding must be uniform, and the feeding of the machine should be stopped first when parking. , and wait until there is no remaining material in the feeding hopper before stopping the operation of the machine.

(3)The normal operation 
After the machine is running normally, the operator of the machine and related personnel must pay attention to the following matters:
1. Check whether all fixing bolts are broken or loose.
2. Whether the lubrication of each bearing is normal and whether there is oil leakage.
3. Whether the seals are tight and whether there is oil leakage.
4. Whether the tonic amount is too much, and whether the discharge granularity meets the requirements.
5. Whether the operation of the rollers and gears is normal.
(4) Other matters need to be token attention:
1. Do not change the rotation direction of the machine.
2. When there is a power failure during the operation of the machine, the power supply should be cut off immediately to avoid accidents caused by sudden power calls.

1. No matter what method is used to feed the crusher, must remove iron , cannot feed iron or metal into the crusher  
2. Check the oil level to ensure sufficient oil supply.
3. The crusher must be started with no load, and the retained materials in the crusher must be checked and removed before starting. 

4. Start the crusher to reach the normal speed, and start feeding when there is no abnormality.
5. If the crusher is out of use for a long time, or it is started for the first time, the large pulley should be rotated by manpower for 2-3 weeks in advance to confirm that the machine runs smoothly, and then the motor will be "jogged" several times. 

6. Regularly sample and check whether the particle size of the crusher product meets the requirements. The spacing of the crushing rollers is adjustable if necessary. 
7. During normal shutdown, be sure to stop the feeding in advance, and the crusher can be shut down only after all the materials in the standby are removed.

8. The main and auxiliary transmission gearboxes of the crusher are lubricated with gear oil, and the lubricating oil in the box should be replaced in time during summer and winter. 

9. When changing the strength, particle size or crushing ratio of the crusher material, the nitrogen pressure of the buffer cylinder should be re-adjusted. The size of the pressure is moderate to meet the needs of the crushing roller pressing force. Excessive pressing force will accelerate the wear of the parts and increase the power consumption. If the pressing force is too small, the super-grain of the crushed product will increase, and the movable crushing roller will frequently vibrate. The use range of nitrogen pressure in the buffer cylinder is 1.5-4MPa.

10. After the crusher is overhauled, when the upper crushing roller and the jacket coupling are reassembled, the tightening torque of the round nuts and coupling bolts should be strictly controlled. When tightening the clamp coupling bolts, pay attention to the sequence. The diagonal bolts should be tightened first, and then the middle bolts should be tightened. At the same time, pay attention to the uniformity of the gaps on both sides of the split surface of the coupling.

11. If the cover of the main and auxiliary transmission gearboxes needs to be opened for maintenance and repair, the rubber sealing strip must be replaced and a layer of sealant should be applied evenly on the static sealing surface before reinstallation to prevent oil leakage and oil leakage on the sealing surface. .


12. The bearings of the upper and lower crushing roller translation linkage devices of the crusher are lubricated with grease, and the design requires the use of No. 2 or No. 3 calcium-based grease. During normal production, the lid of the oil cup should be tightened for one week to inject grease every week of work. to replace the roller skin

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