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2022-07-11      staurk machinery
Do you still remember this tool?
In our memory,
Every summer when our family eats noodles,
we always use it to smash some garlic juice on the surface,
Sometimes when we buy medicine at the pharmacy,
We will also meet this,
put some pills in a tool,
Then hit it hard a few times,
To get the powdered medicine.
Of course this is from big to small,
not only in daily life,
It is also very common in modern industry.
For example, the ore that has just been mined is usually very large.
Some crushers are required for crushing it to small.
Although the size of the ore  after crusher is relatively small,
However, it is still difficult to achieve the level of fineness size.
So people use another machine,
It's a ball mill,
As the name suggests,
Inside the machine there are many steel balls.
Driven by the motor,
The material and steel balls in the machine will rotate with the cylinder.
If the speed is too fast,
The material and steel ball will always be attached to the cylinder,
Hard to hit each other.
If the speed is too slow,
When reaching a certain height,
Both will slide down due to the force of gravity.
Although it has played a certain grinding role,
But the steel ball has almost no impact on the material,
It is also difficult to break it into powder.
Therefore, only when the speed is suitable,
The steel balls and material will reach a certain height,
Falling down in a nearly parabolic trajectory.
In this process,
Because of the impact of the steel ball,
The material will be broken into fine pieces.
at the same time,
In their cycle of ups and downs,
rubbing and squeezing each other,
achieve the grinding effect.
Of course, in applications.
Due to the different materials,
There are also differences in using it.
For example, a material like cement that reacts with water,
We use a dry ball mill.
For non-ferrous metals such as gold and copper, 
We use wet ball mill.
In addition, some small ball mills can also be used in laboratory,
In some high-tech fields , especially some new materials.
it gradually became the equipment of choice .
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