China belt chute blanket for tin tungsten ore ect


Origin:Henan, China

Other name:Automatic blanket machine, Groove machine

Advantages:High recovery rate,change belt automaticly
Used for: widely used for recycling Tungsten, tin, gold, copper, lead, zinc, chromium, titanium, zirconium, rare earth, rutile, monazite, tantalum-niobium, iron ore, garnet, quartz, kaoli,etc.

Celt chute, another name automatic blanket machine or Groove machine, together with shaking table, jigger, sprial chute, rotary trommel, gemini table form one of the most important gravity plant machine.
The belt chute automatic metal selection machine has the advantages of large workload, low environmental conditions, automation, less space occupation, low energy consumption, high net selection rate, etc.
Working principle

When working, the Belt chute rotates against the direction of the current, and the slurry flows through the tank uniformly. Due to the difference in specific gravity, the sand with a small specific gravity is on the upper layer of the slurry, washed away by the water, and the heavy sand such as gold with a large specific gravity settles on the bottom of the slurry—— The belt surface of the gold washer is rotated and brought to the heavy sand collection tank.
China belt chute blanket for tin gold tungsten ore
Belt chute for sale
China belt chute blanket for tin gold tungsten ore

Belt chute for sale
Installation instructions
1. The belt chute automatic gold selection machine is installed on the gold panning part of the gold selection machine obliquely, and the installation angle is 7-9°
2. Because of the different size of the raw mineral material particles and the size of the water volume, the installation angle is slightly different, and the actual angle is subject to the non-silt tank.
1.Belt chute continuously discharges heavy sand, improves the recovery rate of gold, eliminates manual cleaning operations, and greatly reduces labor intensity.
2.Belt chute continuous operation, no need to stop the machine for cleaning, which greatly saves working time and improves work efficiency.
China belt chute blanket for tin gold tungsten ore
Belt chute for sale
China belt chute blanket for tin gold tungsten ore

Belt chute for sale
3. Because the belt and the pulp move in the opposite direction, a greater speed difference is generated between the sedimentary layer and the suspended layer of the pulp, which increases the vortex motion and facilitates the loosening of particles
4. Because the belt surface continuously transports the deposited heavy sand to the upper end, the flow layer on the belt surface does not change with the extension of time, ensuring the stability and uniformity of the flow layer.
5. The belt slope of Belt chute is larger than the slope of the fixed chute, which is easy to form a thin film flow, which is beneficial to the recovery of fine gold particles.
6. The tape will vibrate slightly during the movement. The loose action of this mechanical force can make the fine-grained gold drill to the bottom layer, making it easier to recover the fine-grained gold.

Parameter of the Belt chute

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